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  • Artist to Collect: Fidel Ccana
  • Artist to Collect: Jay Redbird
  • Artist to Collect: Bob Kebic
  • Artist to Collect: Vicki McFarland
  • Architecture & Design: Collingwood
  • Artist to Collect: David Kitler
  • Artist to Collect: Debra Lynn Carroll


ARABELLA is focused on promoting and selling the exceptional art, architecture and fabulous design products and services available to Canadian & US consumers. We offer a special advertising experience unmatched by any other publication. 0ur visual format and layout is unique in displaying creative projects and art works to maximum benefit. Original, in-depth narrative and visual story telling take readers on an engaging, artistic journey that lasts well beyond a quick scan and becomes a lasting treasure. Let us help you make a lasting impression!
  • ARABELLA is widely distributed across Canada; has a growing Canadian and US subscription service; and has a global digital circulation on all major mobile platforms.

  • The combination of original editorial, cross-over magazine format, print and digital distribution, and social media marketing ensure that each quarterly issue reaches over 200,000 readers.

  • ARABELLA's focus on art, residential architecture, landscaping, interior design and luxury lifestyle products and services provides an ideal platform for a wide range or arts, culture and lifestyle advertisers.

  • As a high-end, specialty publication we have a dedicated and loyal readership that go out of their way to ensure they receive the magazine.

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