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ARABELLA offers subscribers the benefit of personally addressed magazine delivery by First Class Canada Post mail service for anywhere in Canada and the US. For international subscriptions additional charges will apply.

We get asked every now and then why the subscription price is higher than the bookstore cover price so we thought it might be helpful to explain here. First of all, ARABELLA is not subsidized by any government program for printing and distribution of magazines. We've yet to find a comparable magazine that is discounted through subscription sales. Given the number of pages and quality of production, the size and weight of the magazine puts us in a category where the costs for mailing and shipping are substantial and have to be reflected in the annual subscription price.

There's no question that store purchase has some price advantages for our readers, particularly in major urban areas. However, given growing demand for the magazine we cannot guarantee availability at the store level. The quantity of magazines shipped to various store locations may vary depending upon decisions made by the bookstore chain. If you wish to purchase through a local bookstore we would recommend that you try to put your name and contact information on a store notification list.

For customers outside major urban areas, the costs of subscriptions may be offset by the travel costs required to locate the magazine in a nearby store. We are always open to an independent store or organization carrying the magazine under contract with ARABELLA Inc.

Standard shipping and delivery times for subscriptions and other orders may vary between 2-3 weeks depending upon prior orders in process and postal services to your location. Thank you for your patience. If you wish to pay for expedited delivery please contact us to make arrangements.

Due to some irregularities and inconsistencies in some regional postal delivery services there are a few rare occasions when delivery is delayed well beyond a reasonable time frame. In some cases it appears that a failure to deliver cannot be accounted for or remedied by postal officials. We recognize and acknowledge the frustration that this creates for subscribers, but unfortunately we don't have any control or influence over the performance of mail service suppliers. We will do everything within our power to remedy postal problems. Ultimately, in situations where subscription issues go missing through postal error at a minimum ARABELLA agrees credit customers with an extra issue to their subscriptions.

TRACKING ORDERS: When completing the online order form please make sure you supply us with a valid email and telephone number where you may be contacted to address subscription or delivery problems. (This information will only be used by ARABELLA Inc. for subscription and delivery questions and will not be sold to third parties.)

In cases where an item has not been received we will certainly endeavour to work with our customers to track orders, but given the costs involved, replacing shipments will have to be at the discretion of ARABELLA Publications Inc. and may require payment of additional costs for the shipping and handling portion of an order.

Please contact us to make a payment other than with Paypal, or to arrange for expedited delivery.