Message from the Editor in Chief Debra Usher
Here is another issue of ARABELLA out the door and into the hands of our favourite people, our readers. We made it - Volume 10, Issue 2 - over ten years of publishing ARABELLA. A significant achievement in these times and while at times I contemplate running away, not answering the phone, and throwing my computer out the window there is always someone who brings me back to the reason why we do this magical piece of art.

Just last week I listened to my phone messages one was from a reader in Alberta wondering when the next issue would be out. She had just straightened out her office and had all the copies of Arabella for the last ten years lined up. After going through her copies another time she needed a fix. She wanted to know if I realized what an inspiration I was and how the beauty and the stories made her life a better place. What a great motivation speech to get me back at my desk working away.

While I love the thought that I inspire people - it is not me, but the amazing talent of the artists, designers and architects that grace our pages with their beautiful work. We at ARABELLA just search them out, collect them, interview them and with the hard work of a lot of fairies and magicians - presto - another issue hits the newsstands.

Of course I joke, because it is a very labour intensive process and creativity and colour are the defining instruments of success.

With each issue I hope you, the reader, will start to notice a slight difference in the issue. We now have a "SHORT STORY SECTION" and we hope all writers will think of us as a place to publish their treasured literary work. Our "ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN SECTION" is growing and for next issue "FABULOUS FINDS" returns after a rethink. We hope to amaze you with some very cool stuff and wonderful treasures in both food and design. Here again we are looking for you, the reader, to send us your finds so we can help spread the word.

In this issue we introduce our new "GALLERY CORNER" comments and musings from three galleries and their owners. This will be a regular feature in our magazine from now on and we hope to introduce you to some old and new wonderful art galleries.

Our feature story "NATION BUILDERS" is a wonderful project put together and inspired by Farsad Kiani, founder of Galerie Q and The Kiani Foundation. He has long held an admiration for the accomplishments of the leaders of the people of Canada. He feels that these leaders, and their leadership, are worthy of attention, and they were remarkable in their scope of capabilities. It is the importance of their work, their results and successes that have made it important to know who they were, and what and how they did what they did.

He feels this information must be brought to a wider, perhaps new audience in a visual, informative and artistic way. I applaud his dedication to this remarkable project. It took a very broad vision and labour of love to make it all happen.

The new ARABELLA should be in everybody's hands over the holidays and we look forward to reader comments and contributions. We love talking to you and reading the many comments that people send to us. If you have an artist or artisan you think other readers would be interested in please send their name our way

The next issue will be Volume 11, issue 1 and should be on the newsstands for Easter. Putting this magazine together, although a labour of love sometimes takes a lot of time. We also will have some specialty publications in 2018 and some additions to the editorial, so all in all a very exciting year is coming up.

Have a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to seeing you soon. Our web will have listings of book signings and special events coming in 2018, as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter postings.

Be safe, be will and always be kind and true to yourself. I wish you peace and happiness.

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Thomas Smart, who launched his career at the Beaverbrook, is coming home. As of November 27, 2017, he will be the new Director and CEO of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. Tom Smart was one of the first people we profiled when we started the first issue of ARABELLA, in his role at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. With Tom at the helm we are sure to see some wonderful, inspirational and thought provoking ideas presented to the public. I look forward supporting Tom in any way I can. I value his thoughts and conversation. Welcome home Tom!

Tom Smart Tom Smart To Join
Beaverbrook Art Gallery
In November
Thomas Smart will be the new Director and CEO of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, taking the helm of the newly-expanded and revitalized institution on November 27, 2017.

"Tom has an international reputation and a wealth of experience," said Allison D. McCain, Chair of the Gallery's Board of Governors. "Under his leadership, we are confident the Beaverbrook Art Gallery will confirm its status as one of the premiere Canadian art galleries. We look forward to Tom bringing his passion for the visual arts to this dynamic institution, as we enter a new phase of the Gallery's history."

Smart is an experienced arts leader, lecturer, essayist, and author with nearly three decades of experience. He launched his career as the Beaverbrook Art Gallery's Curator from 1989-1997. Among others, he has since served at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Frick in Pittsburgh, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and most recently, the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives.

"The Beaverbrook Art Gallery has always been a leader, a vibrant arts and educational powerhouse on the national and international stages. With the outstanding new pavilion, it is poised to take on an even greater role." says Smart. "I look forward to working with everyone to ensure that the Gallery is a proud and lively cultural arts destination."

Beaverbrook Art Gallery
703 Queen St.
Fredericton, NB
E3B 1C4
Tel: 506.458.2028

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