The ARABELLA Arts Foundation
Supporting Canadian Creative Talent

  "You are an inspiration to artists across Canada and have given us
an audience that we wouldn't have had without you" - Rena Bierman, Artist, 2017

We have received testimonials like the above many times over many years. It has kept us going knowing that there are individuals who have benefited from our passion. The comment is brief but it captures the essence of what our publication - ARABELLA, Canadian Art, Architecture & Design - has done for over nine years.

Our mission has always been to support Canadian creative talent and related business by telling their stories in very special ways - first and foremost through quality visual print publications, then digital, and finally social media.

Our readers offer further testimonials as to the value of our unique brand of publishing. It is uniquely contemporary, highly personal, stunningly visual, and appealing to a significantly wider audience than traditional specialty magazines focusing on arts appreciation, critique, and expert dialogue.
  • As a subscriber and dedicated fan of Arabella, I feel as though we are kindred spirits. Thank you for this amazing magazine! I read it cover to cover and bring out the old ones to explore the features time and time again. I even like the ads. I just read your "letters" in the 2016 Summer Harvest offering. Thank you both for your openness and promotion of "all that is beautiful in the world" with such passion and joy.

  • I just received the latest issue of Arabella. Again I am left speechless... I know how much love and time you put in every issue, yet every time you surpass any and all expectations we your loyal reader could even dream of for you. Congratulations on yet another superb issue!!!

  • One of the best things about Arabella is the adventure and getting to meet so many diverse and interesting individuals from across Canada.

  • I like everything about the magazine, especially the art and to find out that some of the artists are Canadian. I had no idea the talent out there.

We're now at a cross-road that requires us to rethink how we continue this adventure and help artists from many walks to realize their dreams while continuing to take our readers on a sumptuous artistic journey.

To date the business has been self-funded and supported by advertising revenue but this is proving to be increasingly difficult given existing market forces. As a private sector, specialty publication we don't have access to main stream, brand advertisers. At the same time, it's no surprise that artists and both public and commercial gallery operators have limited funds available for promotion. A continuation down the road of private sector financial dependence on advertising alone seems to be an ongoing challenge.

This recognition has been faced by many of our colleagues such as The Walrus Magazine and Canadian Art who have changed status and now operate as charitable, non-profit organizations. It appears that a shift to a non-profit, charitable status opens up doors to a wider pool of resources, organizations and individuals that share our vision for supporting and promoting Canadian talent and the clear social and economic benefits that accrue.

The reality is our mission at ARABELLA has always been more closely aligned with the not-for-profit sector than it is with the private sector so maybe it's time to explore some seemingly mainstream options.

The Benefits
Given our focus on supporting and promoting Canadian creative talent, we believe the formation of a non-profit foundation would allow ARABELLA to raise financial support from a variety of public sector organizations, foundations and high net-worth individuals. A combination of grant applications along with individual and corporate donations through a not-for-profit, charitable status may help us to continue to work towards our social entrepreneurship goal of supporting the education, professional development and promotion of Canadian creative talent and related businesses.

While the organizational status, structure and operating principles may differ from our current private sector business it may be our best way of helping build stronger local cultural communities, national identity and economic development.

Next Steps
We are interested in getting feedback and expressions of interest in participation in establishing a charitable, non-profit organization that can continue to support and finance the continued work of ARABELLA. In brief, the foundation would be focused on:
  • representing and promoting the arts to the Canadian public; and
  • providing ongoing services and opportunities for Canadian artists and/or arts organizations
We appreciate any ideas, guidance & support you might be able to provide.

To discuss please contact:

Dr. Brian Usher,
CEO & Publisher, ARABELLA Inc.
44 Parr Street,
St Andrews, New Brunswick, E5B 1L7
Tel: 506.529.3938



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