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ARABELLA's mission is to produce the most exquisite Canadian art, architecture & design magazine for consumers who aspire, are achieving, or have already accomplished a luxury life style and have a passion for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and living life well. It's about beauty in all its forms.

ARABELLA offers something quite unique - a reading experience that respects readers and provides a depth of experience unmatched by any other publication. This is not a throw-away publication; its book-like quality and format are designed to grace the shelves and coffee tables of our readers' homes and offices.

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Winter 2013

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Arabella Canadian Landscape Contest Awards

Over the past 2 years, artists from across Canada and the US have submitted paintings portraying their creative interpretation of the beauty that is uniquely Canada. We are now pleased to announce the TOP 25 in the ARABELLA Canadian Landscape Contest! Judging was completed by a team of gallery owners, art appraisers and ARABELLA staff, with the finalists representing works that best capture the emotional spirit of our country. Magnificent!
ACL Contest Updates

White Rock Gallery
Gallery to Visit:
Art to Claim Our Hearts
written by Debra Usher

Celebrating 25 years in business, White Rock Gallery lights up BC's southern coast with a wealth of outstanding original art - displayed in a venue of open space and alcoves that catches the eye and heart at every step. Twice a year, formal exhibitions 'Rock' the art scene in grand style. Can't visit in person? The innovative White Rock Gallery website brings the pleasure to you.
Norman Hudon Winter 2013
The Colours of Life, Part 1
By Debra Usher

In his lifetime, Normand Hudon (1929 - 1997) created an artistic portfolio filled with humour that is now a timeless legacy. Renowned entertainer, artist, author and illustrator, painting and drawing always featured prominently in his life. Hudon's vibrant landscapes of picturesque Quebec neighbourhoods depict scenes of everyday life that can't help but bring a smile. Even judges and priests were not immune to his irreverent brushstrokes.

Ode to Winter
ODE TO WINTER by Cynthia Reyes

Join us on a breathtaking journey through a winter wonderland. Pages of captivating snow scenes, set to a lyrical script by gifted writer Cynthia Reyes, make you forget the winter doldrums and embrace this gorgeous season of white. The serenity of frozen forests, wildlife living in peace, have you ever seen a sky so blue? Enjoy the brilliant work of art that is Mother Nature at her chilly best - boots & mittens not required.

Ice Huts Winter2013
by Debra Usher
Photography by Richard Johnson

Exclamations of colour on a vast white canvas, the iconic ice fishing hut (aka ice shack, fishing shanty, bobhouse) is the ultimate winter escape for die-hard fans of the great outdoors. Along with a practical purpose for shelter, these cabins-to-go also have distinctive 'personalities.' Richard Johnson travels Canada, photographing individual huts and entire ice villages to share this fascinating architectural form and folklore with the world.
Dining Rooms Winter2013
Design Feature:DINING ROOMS
Dressed for Dinner
By Lorie Lee Steiner

Channel your inner Downton Abbey, as we tour a most auspicious array of dining rooms in this Arabella exclusive. From posh to rustic, penthouse luxe to period correct, discover the secrets of successful decor and design that will have them eating out of your... properly gloved hand. Featuring stunning room settings and professional tips on colour, lighting, furniture and more - all that's missing is the butler. "Dinner is served."


ACL Awards Celebration

ARABELLA has been pleased to host the ARABELLA Canadian Landscape Contest - a major art contest and social media art community to showcase the best of contemporary Canadian landscape art at a national level.

Winners of the contest prizes and the full list of participating artists and their paintings, as well as video links to their works are presented on the
ACL Contest Update page here....


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Christopher Walker Winter2013
The Voice of a Generation
by Kylie Serebrin

A 1994 scientific excursion on an icebreaker to the Arctic greatly influenced BC artist Christopher Walker's creative perspective. Standing at the North Pole, looking out at a sea of ice, he came to realize that an artist should create a notable contribution to society. And now he is, "leaving an inspirational record of human civilization's relationship to the natural world" through his artwork - including ARABELLA's breathtaking cover!

Jean Claude Roy_Winter2013
A Colourful Double Life
by Kylie Serebrin

Jean Claude Roy's artistic legacy is a visual love letter to the beauty of Newfoundland. The ambitious project - painting Nfld.'s approximately 800 communities - chronicles changes that have shaped the province over his 45 years as an artist. Today, he divides his time between his childhood home in France and 'the Rock'; drawn by the wilderness of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the wonderful people he meets there.

Kal Gajoum Winter2013
Kaleidoscopic Streets &
Rain-Soaked Cities
by Kylie Serebrin

Cities around the world fascinate, inspire and energize the painter Kal Gajoum. Born in Tripoli, Kal takes pleasure in sharing the high-life and romance of well-known global destinations by creating sculptural street scenes that are 'drenched' in colour and atmosphere. A base palette of neutral grays and black makes umbrellas and scarves 'pop', as his characters strut the pavement in action-packed paintings of sheer delight. Par excellence!

Madeleine Wood_Winter2013
An Impulse to Record
by Kylie Serebrin

Diagnosed at an early age with vision issues, BC artist Madeleine Wood sees the world through her own exceptional lens. A compositional strategy of isolating a segment from a whole gives her work a signature style that is both intimate and engaging. Flowers, leaves, bedsheets - each new series delves deeply into the elements of a subject's design, making everyday things feel familiar and mysterious at the same time.

David Rheaume Winter2013
Freeze Frame
by Lorie Lee Steiner

The dark, the fog, the shadows... film noir on canvas. In the atmospheric frames of Dave Rheaume's paintings, nostalgia reigns supreme. Reflecting on his childhood days growing up in Ottawa, each moody creation hints at before and after stories with a distinctly cinematic edge. Drawing on a background in film-making, Dave expertly stages his 'scenes' - paying keen attention to lighting, composition, colour and visual narrative. Do you remember when...?

Tania & Yury Winter2013
He Paints, She Paints
by Lorie Lee Steiner

Romantic landscapes; classic nudes; Old Masters-inspired still lifes. Traditional subjects independently rendered with contemporary flourish by husband and wife artists Tania & Yury Darashkevich. With creative output as individual as their personalities, Yury's misty 'lands' and beguiling figurative works and Tania's enchanting 'tea time' compositions are brilliantly executed and highly imaginative in concept, urging the viewer to linger, relax and reflect. One talented couple!

Joanne Rafferty_Winter2013
Gilding the Landscape
by Lorie Lee Steiner

More than just contemporary abstract art, Joanne Miller Rafferty's signature mixed-media paintings glitter with visions of promise; entice with a softness that stirs universal emotions. Discovering handmade papers as a medium added a unique textural component to her original acrylic work. Old books and ephemera, accentuated with gold and variegated leafing and minute spherical glass beads, enhance these captivating 'lifescapes' with a touch of whimsy and shine.

Daniel Tibbits Winter2013
Flights of Fancy
by Kylie Serebrin

Artist Daniel Tibbits has created his own mythology of architecture, populated with autonomous devices that defy the laws of physics and playfully reimagine everyday forms. The roots of these fascinations lie in happy childhood memories; parallels between the stories he imagined using action figures, back then, and the direction of his art today. Ditto for his love of architectural design. Daniel is sure it came to life through Lego!

Cameron Bird Winter2013
Sketches of a Mountain Man
by Lorie Lee Steiner

Memories of his days working as a mountain guide in BC's Chilcotins provides endless inspiration for Cameron Bird's wildlife and landscape paintings. Passionate about the great outdoors and 'mountain men' of old, Cameron channels that enthusiasm into eye-catching compositions with a colourfully distinctive edge - a meld of impressionistic and abstract, often mosaic in nature, layered with bold hues and a lively interplay of shadows and light.

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Cliff Kearns Winter2013
Making It Count
by Lorie Lee Steiner

In the eyes of artist Cliff Kearns, life is a numbers game. He believes from the moment we are born, numbers dictate our direction and worth. With that mindset, Cliff has been incorporating sequential numbering in his mixed-media images for almost a decade - 140ish at last count. His intriguing 'signature' using numbers, and often the word IMAGE, in contemporary abstract settings, says, "Hey! I want to be counted."

Trisha Adams Winter2013
Colour Me Bold
by Lorie Lee Steiner

For contemporary impressionist Trisha Adams, art really does imitate life. The proof is in the paintings, where Trisha's lively personality literally flows from creator to canvas. The power her still lifes and landscapes have to immediately brighten a room is no accident. Her animated brushstrokes and vivid juxtaposition of hues lift familiar scenes and subjects out of the ordinary to a place where happiness rules in living colour.

Tom Gale Winter2013
Finding Solace in Silence
by Lorie Lee Steiner

After years as a figurative painter, Alberta artist Tom Gale developed a new perspective following a trip 'up north' with Western Canada Wilderness. Deeply moved by the silence and beauty of the landscape, it became his muse. "I speak of the land and the land speaks of me," says Gale. Portraying trees in all seasons, his prized works express spiritual oneness with earth, and the isolation of conscious being from the environment.

Robert McAffee Winter2013
Blessings Undisguised
by Lorie Lee Steiner

Inspired from childhood by his 'Uncle Jack,' (famed watercolourist Jack Reid), Robert McAffee's paintings portray an intimate knowledge of the untamed Canadian landscape - at once alive, brooding, rhythmic. Revisiting the familiar panorama of trees, rocks and water that once spoke so eloquently to the Group of Seven, Robert's canvases shout "Oh, Canada!" with renewed poetic vigour and an epiphany of colour, set against a backdrop of active Northern skies.

Michael Fantuz Winter2013
A Passionate Curiosity
by Kylie Serebrin

Armed with knives and rich oils, artist Michael Fantuz employs & enjoys the freedom of impasto techniques to transfer the ruggedness of Newfoundland and Labrador onto canvas. The resulting sculptural texture and authentic hues highlight the sense of isolation and inspiration gleaned from this ancient land and its descendants. Michael's work speaks to the ebb and flow of cultural identity and a striking balance between life and art.

Clinton Jammer Winter2013
A Steward of Nature
by Kylie Serebrin

Glimpses of wildlife in its natural environment makes Clinton Jammer want to drop everything and start painting. Whether watching deer, raccoons, coyotes and hawks on his rural Ontario property, or travelling on research expeditions around the globe, the spiritual connection with untamed animals in their native landscapes is priceless. Communing with nature on a personal level sets his paintings apart from others, as art we can truly appreciate.


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