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ARABELLA's mission is to produce the most exquisite art, architecture & design magazine for consumers who aspire, are achieving, or have already accomplished a luxury life style and have a passion for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and living life well. It's about beauty in all its forms. Our focus is quite simply on creating the most beautiful and compelling magazine for showcasing the exceptional art, architecture and fabulous design products and services available to Canadian & US consumers.

Our readers tell us again and again that ARABELLA offers a special reading experience unmatched by any other publication. Given its size and print quality most readers call it a book rather than a magazine. Original, in-depth narrative and visual features take readers on an artistic and engaging journey that lasts well beyond a quick scan and becomes a lasting treasure.

ARABELLA has set a new standard for 'magazine' publishing. Our top priority is engaging readers in a truly memorable journey with each and every issue. See if you don't agree that it is quite simply...

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AURORA ROBSON - A Beautiful Transformation, written by Debra Usher, in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Aurora Robson is the founding artist of Project Vortex, a group of creators actively working to recycle plastic debris from the waste stream. Drawing on an unusual combination of scientific research, recurring childhood nightmares, and the properties of light, love and relationships, she transforms cast-offs from our culture of convenience into sublime sculptures with an eco-conscious message. Aurora is Artist in Residence this summer at Kingsbrae Garden, NB.

GALLERY Q, Sharing the Joie de Vivre, written by Lorie Lee Steiner in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Deep in the heart of scenic rural Ontario is a treasure trove of Canadian art. Housed in a restored architectural gem in Cavan, Ontario, Galerie Q showcases the ultimate in French Canadian art and artists, alongside some of Canada's historical "Greats". Officially opening last December (2014), the Galerie excels as an inviting, educational hub for art enthusiasts, collectors and the public as a whole to explore and appreciate.

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SOOKE HARBOUR HOUSE RESORT HOTEL, written by Mike Wicks in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

A haven for connoisseurs of sumptuous art, food and gardens, Sooke Harbour House enchants at every opportunity. Each of 28 guest rooms tells a story through art, antiques, furniture, books and curios. At this intimate west coast inn, owners Frederique and Sinclair Philip offer "luxury with a conscience" - everything from delightful local cuisine, to lush gardens, to fabulous eco-friendly accommodation is imbued with artistic flair.

AN HONEST HOUSE, written by Cynthia Reyes in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Lyrical and heartwarming, Cynthia Reyes takes us on a sentimental journey 'home' in this excerpt from her upcoming book. Memories lovingly shared let us hear the birds sing, smell the flowers, indeed, taste the tart red currant jelly. Mixing recollections of her Jamaican childhood with tales of houses "speaking in soft voices," we are invited to rediscover our own surroundings in a wonderful new light.

ARABELLA spacer image

BROAD BEACH, Architecture by Landry Design Group, written by Debra Usher in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Imagine a light-filled beach house showcasing a panorama of sea and sky at every turn. For architect elite, Richard Landry, it's now a reality. See how he turned a lacklustre Malibu house, once home to Katherine Hepburn, into his own spectacular 4500 sq. ft. dream build. A fave feature is the third-floor media room with sliding glass pocket doors opening onto a terrace overlooking the blue Pacific.

ITALIAN COUNTRY GARDEN, Project by Paolo Pejrone Architect, Photography by Dario Fusaro in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Bellissimo giardino! Travel with ARABELLA to the romantic countryside near Torino, Italy, for a summertime garden adventure. This exquisitely designed estate property is an idyllic setting for owners Silvana & Alberto Peyrani and their beloved four-footed friends. Experience the magic of verdant 'rooms', trickling water, cascading colour and in infusion of roses... centuries' old ambience amidst the backdrop of a classic Italian abode.

Arabella It Starts with a Dream

GUILDFORD, Project by Gregory Phillips Architects, written by Debra Usher<br>in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Merging a traditional Victorian property in the English countryside with a bright, modern, open-plan extension is a formidable task. Gregory Phillips Architects rose to the challenge with a subtle, yet striking, steel and glass addition that respects the original architecture and takes advantage of the priceless rural views. White render on both buildings gives a visual connection between the old and new elements of the house.

GARDEN TERRACE,Project by Cristiana Ruspa, Architect, Photography by Dario Fusaro in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Outdoor living is all the rage, especially with rooms like these! Incorporating areas for lounging, dining and play, this spacious terrace is uniquely designed to complement the garden, while providing loads of space for entertaining. A linear theme runs throughout in wooden fencing, posts and flooring. Stylish, comfortable furnishings and peaceful coastal colours are perfect accoutrements for laid-back days and heavenly evenings by the fire.

The Love of Flowers



ANDREW KISS, A legacy of Discovery, written by Sam Amos in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

The flora, the fauna, the beauty of the natural world. To Andrew Kiss these are what matter most. That passion shines through in his award-winning paintings; familiar landscapes with a 'Kiss' of something special. After 45 years of hiking across mountains and meadows, he's built up a signature portfolio depicting the ever-changing seasons in terms of light, shadow and colour play. Wander along and enjoy.

PAUL PAQUETTE, Laboratory of the Mind, written by Brett Anningson in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Artist Paul Paquette is not one to sit still. While his work is timeless, rich and evocative, after painting a few canvases with a similar subject, it's time to change gears. He'll paint some trees, some landscapes and then move on to an old tractor or European scenery. Believing his easel is "like a laboratory", Paul throws himself wholeheartedly into the adventure of every new painting.

The Gallery Upstairs in Arabella Spring 2015



BRIAN DAVIS,The Essence of Beauty, written by Brett Anningson in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Flower power at its finest! Brian Davis presents blooms so realistically voluptuous you're tempted to breathe deeply to inhale the heady fragrance... caress the velvety soft petals with your fingertips. Adept in an ancient painting technique using Flemish Maroger (also known as liquid glass), Brian emulates the Old Masters but with a vision and style all his own. Even his colour palette is fresh from the garden gorgeous.

DAVID GOATLEY, A Common Sense of Place, written by Alex Wrightin the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Gifted portrait artist David Goatley has completed more than 350 commissions since arriving from England in 1992. Striving to tell the human story, he paints each subject in their own familiar surroundings. "A portrait is a celebration, of love, of life, or of achievement," David explains, "and nobody is too unimportant or ordinary to be celebrated, for we are all valued by those who care for us."

The Gallery Upstairs in Arabella Spring 2015

ARNOLD MOSLEY, It Takes One to Know One, written by Brett Anningson in the SUMMER 2015 issue of ARABELLA

The spirit of the west comes alive in Arnold Mosley's artwork. Not surprising, since this BC artist is a cowboy at heart. Arnold spends many hours in the saddle, working alongside everyone else on the cattle drive. He explains, "You cannot truly appreciate the cowboy's life and put that extra authenticity in your paintings until you have experienced, for yourself, the dust, rain, snow and freezing cold."

RADEK VIZINA, Beyond Displacement, written by Carlson Mainard in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Realistic and symbolic, Radek Vizina's emotional renderings combine renaissance, modern and postmodern styles to portray the human condition in a creative way. His paintings emit a poignant message; 'speaking' to the viewer through expression and communication outside of words. Having emigrated from the Czech Republic to Canada at a young age, Radek says, "Representational work feels more like 'home' to me, it's the place I belong."

The Gallery Upstairs in Arabella Spring 2015



Ysabel LeMay article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Ysabel LeMay is a nomad by nature, describing herself as a "little butterfly tasting life." As an artist, she produces what appear to be amazingly detailed nature paintings. Closer inspection unveils hundreds, perhaps thousands, of photographs intricately rearranged to create a truly enchanting work of art. "It is a spiritual pursuit," says Ysabel. "I am really trying to capture Nature's divinity which is all around us."

Veronica Funk article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Veronica Funk grew up in Northern Manitoba where her entire world was influenced by the Cree culture. In her latest body of work, she shares the healing journey undertaken after having to leave her beloved North. Every painting, in some way, reflects her past, "Each one is a symbolic representation of and a physical sacred vessel for me - filled with the images, colours and symbols of my memory."

Tom Marosz article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA

When Tom Marosz was a glass contractor on the island of Kauai, he earned a reputation for bringing a finesse to the construction process. Today, the crystal beauty of his glass sculptures takes your breath away. He admits, "I'm not a mad scientist, but I do enjoy introducing new ideas into the glass. Lasers, holograms, vacuum chamber concepts; I guess I am not your average glass guy."



MARIE-CLAUDE BOUCHER article in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

A palette of pure colours and confident brushstrokes bring a joyful lilt to Marie-Claude Boucher's distinctive paintings. They just make you smile - happiness achieved by simplistic settings and spontaneity, rather than perfection in the details. It is the countryside that inspires Marie-Claude, often interpreted through welcoming red-roofed houses and characteristic clotheslines. "I look at life in a positive and happy light, always showing my true colours."

MADISON HART article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Madison Hart's creative outlook has developed on a spiritual plane. She now paints what she feels, not what she sees; each piece a colourful narrative filled with surprises. Houses, trees, gardens, roads... every element symbolizes the journey of life guided by faith, fate and lessons learned. In Madison's eyes, "Even if a painting speaks to the hardships I've faced, the main message is about living in the light."

BK Lawes  Master of his Domain

Danny McBride article in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Ladies with long hats. What's not to love? Rock star turned painter, Danny McBride captivates the room with his women. Not to mention his infectious sense of humour and incredible talent, on and off stage. An early affection for MAD Magazine inspired his love for creating caricatures, and earned him the title "The Poison Pencil" from famous musicians he 'portrayed' while on tour. A rollicking tale!

Sophie Paquet article in the Summer 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Harnessed energy conveyed with passion. And great joy! That is the essence of Sophie Paquet's expressionist paintings. Her boldly emphasized floral offerings exude sensuality; a strength and playfulness evident in the vibrant melange of petals and stalks. To Sophie, flowers are a constant source of inspiration. "They are always a 'happy' subject, and I have yet to see a bouquet that doesn't convey some level of cheerfulness."

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