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ARABELLA's mission is to produce the most exquisite art, architecture & design magazine for consumers who aspire, are achieving, or have already accomplished a luxury life style and have a passion for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and living life well. It's about beauty in all its forms. Our focus is quite simply on creating the most beautiful and compelling magazine for showcasing the exceptional art, architecture and fabulous design products and services available to Canadian & US consumers.

Our readers tell us again and again that ARABELLA offers a special reading experience unmatched by any other publication. Given its size and print quality most readers call it a book rather than a magazine. Original, in-depth narrative and visual features take readers on an artistic and engaging journey that lasts well beyond a quick scan and becomes a lasting treasure.

ARABELLA has set a new standard for 'magazine' publishing. Our top priority is engaging readers in a truly memorable journey with each and every issue. See if you don't agree that it is quite simply...

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ARABELLA's focus on art, residential architecture, landscaping, interior design and luxury lifestyle products and services provides an ideal platform for a wide range of arts, culture and lifestyle advertisers.



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RICHARD MRAVIK - For the Love of Snow, written by Brett Anningson, in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Sunlit trees, blue sky, sparkling snow crystals, unbelievable silence. Richard Mravik reminds us of these glorious visions of first snow in paintings steeped with wonder. He says, "I feel most inspired when walking in three feet of fresh snow with snow shoes. There is so much I can create with just snow. It can be almost any colour, including warm. A fantasy land - with some input from an artist."

Shane Wilson, Transforming the Unexpected, written by Brett Anningson in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Shane Wilson works with what is already present in the unusual materials he finds. Sourcing materials in the most ethical way possible, he sculpts and carves antlers, tusks and horns to accentuate the natural beauty - setting it free in creative ways. In essence, "Each piece is unique and forms its own natural background for my abstract design, giving form to my feelings about consciousness, existence and meaning."
Contact:Susan Nonna Stanley
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AN IMPERFECT CHRISTMAS, written by Cynthia Reyes in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Creating the perfect family Christmas - a wish often made but seldom fulfilled. In this warm-hearted holiday story, events force the author to redefine perfection - after a keen canine acquires a taste for ham; another pup waters the tree; a Charlie Brown episode; and, yes, there's more... Humour abounds, as we discover the small calamities that accompany every family Christmas are actually what help to make it perfect.

THE HOLIDAY SEASON, written by Debra Usher in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

'Twas the night before...' Join us on an enchanting tour through this well-dressed and wonderful Calgary mansion. Each year, the owner fills his historic manor with more lights, more trees and more decorations than any store imaginable. Inside, awaits a serendipitous journey embellished with glitter and magic - an annual destination that never disappoints. This is our warm and golden holiday gift to you. Namaste.

Arabella It Starts with a Dream


SEAN YELLAND, Alone in the City written by Lorie Lee Steiner in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Sean Yelland loves the feeling of walking around a city and not seeing another soul; surrounded by millions of people he can't see and feeling alone. Inspiration hides in plain sight. Old Cadillacs. Abandoned storefronts. Neighbourhood homes showing wear. His work isn't designed to document history, it's more a stage to express emotions. So, if there's an ugly, new condo in the background, he'll probably paint it out.

RAY WARD, Seeking the spirit - written by Brett Anningson in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

At home in idyllic Nanaimo, BC, Ray Ward unleashes his passion for art on a full-time basis. After travelling the world, he has perfected his own style of realism - balancing artistic expression with being truthful to his chosen subject. He notes, "The most successful paintings are ones where technical aspects aren't stumbling blocks, they allow me to capture what I perceive to be the spirit of a place."

JERRY DAVIDSON, A Life Enjoyed is a Life Well Lived, written by Brett Anningson in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Jerry Davidson's paintings depict a sometimes serious, often whimsical, exploration of reality. Perhaps this comes from his career as a pilot and seeing the world in different ways. "Sometimes, we artists take ourselves a little too seriously," he admits, "injecting profound meaning into everything we do. I suppose this is why I edge over to the lighter side." To Jerry, it's all about the fun of creation. Enjoy!



VALERIE KENT, A Family Tradition, written by Brett Anningson in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

A life spent travelling the world has provided Valerie Kent with much artistic fodder. Indeed, her refreshing Marketplace Series evokes the lifescapes she encountered along the way; flower and gem markets in Taipei, fresh herbs in the Luberon in France, fruits and vegetables in Provence, pottery in St. Lucia, the gold market in Florence... a melange of images wrapped in the pleasures of everyday hustle and bustle.

PIETRO ADAMO, Pure Abstraction, written by Brett Anningson in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Pietro Adamo claims pure abstract expressionism is the driving force in all his current work. It taunts, continues to beckon and push his limits. People who appreciate his Giardini series often comment on its abstract nature, even though they see a garden or meadow. Indeed, it is the underlying chaotic nature of nature itself that stimulates his interest. Always new and beyond capture. The constant that is change.

JONN EINERSSEN, Art as Self-Expression, written by Brett Anningson in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Although worlds apart, Jonn's love for both the sea and prairies is inspired by his life experiences. First came the golden wheat fields of the western prairie, then a move to BC and the coastal mysteries of the Pacific. Remarkable in their authenticity, his hallmark seascapes often include a sunlit wave captured in a hypnotic, frenzied dance; a fleeting moment in the ebb and flow of time.



ERIKA TOLIUSIS, Stupidly in Love...with Clouds, written by Erika Toliusis in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Prepare for a wonderful read. The artist's story told in her own words... "I look at the white surface of the canvas, spotless and challenging; it looks at me with a witty attitude. I smile back, taking possession of it. With knife in hand, standing by the mixing table, oil paint starts to flow out of sleepy tubes, doubts are gone as I apply it onto the canvas."

GAIL DESCOEURS, Bordering on the Mystical, written by Lorie Lee Steiner in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

"I am on a journey beyond myself, seeking to balance realism with spiritualism; allowing my timeless inner presence to carry me while I paint. The painter becomes the painting... all is one." As an artist, Gail Descoeurs is a true daughter of nature, guided by talent, spirit and mood. Tranquil spaces draw her in, though she is also known for chasing into storms with her camera.

JOHN STUART PRYCE, Journey from the Castle by the Lake, written by Brett Anningson in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

"In the corner of the room, high on the wall at my Grandmother's house in England, hung a small painting. A scene of a lake with trees and a small castle at the water's edge. The colours were dull, with a pleasant spectrum of oranges, yellows and greens. It may have been a reproduction, but as a child I did not know the difference." And so it began...



DONNA J HALL The Texture of Life written by Brett Anningson in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Visually rich in complexity and texture, Donna J Hall's paintings are a delight to the senses. Inspiration from both the natural landscape and graffiti-tagged cityscapes is clearly evident. Also represented via her exceptional talent is Donna's fascination with formations on weathered surfaces, archaeological digs, fossilized traces of vanished lives... raw material from her travels that informs her work at every level, and speaks volumes on canvas.

ILYA ZOMB, Dreaming Reality, written by Debra Usher in the Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Born in beautiful Odessa, in the former USSR, Ilya Zomb has always had an artistic eye for his environment. But ask him to classify his work and he is adamant, "It is not Surrealism or Fantasy Art. I use the term 'Pseudo-Realism'. Every situation depicted in my paintings is possible, in spite of how unreal it might seem at first glance." Definitely worth a closer look, or two.

LOUISE LAUZON, Sensitivity & a Busy Street, by Lorie Lee Steiner, Winter 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Louise Lauzon is a painter of people. But that doesn't begin to do her justice. Her signature characters quietly reach out and beg your attention, holding you captive long after you bid them "adieu." Summoned from her imagination and memories of everyday scenes, these powerful images are remarkable in their simplicity. And with her studio facing a busy street, there are always passersby auditioning for parts.




For 31 years, Decorating Den Interiors has held an International Dream Room competition for franchise owners and their design teams. This year, there were more than 275 entries in 11 room categories. Here, we feature the top three in each category, and the room judged 'best of the best'. That decorator received the company's prestigious Decorator of the Year design award. Do you have a favourite?

CASTLE FOR ONE, Designer Lori Morris, written by Debra Usher, ARABELLA Winter 2015

Fairy tales do come true! In this case, the client entrusted designer Lori Morris to transform her dream castle into a design reality. "I love designing custom homes because it allows the creation of unique spaces you wouldn't generally see in a traditional build," says Morris. With Castle for One, the owner's vision came to life as a grand and regal space that epitomizes modern elegance and sophistication.

THE JEWEL OF FISCHER ISLAND, Designer Milda Gutierrez, written by Debra Usher, ARABELLA Winter 2015

Walls of glass windows in this south Florida home capture spectacular glimpses of the sparkling coastline at every turn. Inside, the rooms shine and dance like precious stones. The challenge for designer Milda Gutierrez was to open the spaces, and connect with ocean views and exterior landscapes. What started as a simple, two-bedroom unit is now a unique, contemporary masterpiece that complements the client's extensive art collection.

CMG International Design Group
Milda Gutierrez
Carlos Gutierrez




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