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We started ARABELLA nine years ago with the dream of supporting and promoting creative talent and businesses to the widest possible global audience. To truly accomplish this dream we felt we had to focus on what mattered most - namely the readers' experience and love of the printed medium. Our challenge was to create a special reading experience unmatched by any other publication and set a new 'standard' for magazine publishing.

Over time, ARABELLA has become our unique way of creating a beautiful and compelling gallery for showcasing the exceptional art, architecture and fabulous design products and services available to Canadian & US consumers. 0ur visual format and layout is unique in displaying creative projects and art works to maximum benefit. Our editorial focuses on telling the personal stories of individuals and businesses that are aspiring, achieving or accomplished in their creative endeavours. Original, in-depth narrative and visual story telling take readers on an engaging, artistic journey that lasts well beyond a quick scan and becomes a lasting treasure. Our readers love it!

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ARABELLA's focus on art, residential architecture, landscaping, interior design and luxury lifestyle products and services provides an ideal platform for a wide range of arts, culture and lifestyle advertisers.



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ARABELLA combines high end print with on-line and mobile distribution as well as extensive social media promotion to ensure we reach all possible audiences! Our mobile and on-line readership is expanding internationally as a result of our growing network of Facebook and Twitter fans and followers. With combined print and digital distribution ARABELLA has a reach that well exceeds 450,000 readers.


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ARABELLA Magazine - Art Vancouver



ART VANCOUVER - in the Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

From May 26 to 29, join ARABELLA at Art Vancouver 2016, the premier art event of the season. Immerse yourself in a dazzling display of original works by outstanding artists from across the country and around the world. Mingle with fine art professionals, gallery owners and art enthusiasts, while adding exceptional pieces to your own collection. Stunning waterfront location at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The Blooming Bulbs Competition, written by Cynthia Reyes in the Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

A spring garden competition is no place for sissies. Especially when the contenders are duelling neighbours going against each other flower head to flower head. The prize? A year of bragging rights for producing the First Bloom of Spring! Enjoy the suspense, as Cynthia Reyes takes us on a romp through the roses - er, daffodils. Spoiler alert: The bloomin' photos will take your breath away!

Notes of Dried Basil in the Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

Fiction comes to the pages of ARABELLA, when an amorous pair of perfumers discover the possibilities inherent in 'olfactory foreplay'. Veteran journalist Gary Michael Dault takes us into the 'scentsual' world of wine, women and the wonders of Google Search in this suggestive little tale. Seasoned with tantalizing herbal images, the story is at its best accompanied by a fragrant pinot noir... Cheers!

ARABELLA Magazine Publisher and Editor in Chief Message

Art Homes written by Debra Usher in the Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

Truthful to his concept "A Unique Apartment Ready to Live In", designer extraordinaire Gerard Faivre has collaborated with the best luxury brands, and designed this Parisian apartment as an exquisite expression of his talent. To international clients used to staying in hotels, he provides the sought-after luxury of Paris, as well as the desired French spirit and good taste. Contemporary meets authentic in belle harmonie.

CALIFORNIA COASTAL VILLA - written by Janet Eastman, Architecture by Landry Design Group, Designer Joan Behnke in the Spring issue of ARABELLA

Spain's intimate courtyards informed the design of this California villa; the beachfront dream realized in a haven of relaxation, sophistication and romance. Created as a 'getaway' for a Los Angeles entrepreneur, the property boasts sweeping views of the brilliant blue Pacific, timeless Spanish architecture and private retreats. Inside is a melding of reclaimed, worn and wonderful, with modern convenience. The epitome of old world chic.

LA BELLA CASA ROSA,  written by Debra Usher, Architect Paola Navone in the Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

Imagine roaming the Umbrian countryside and coming upon a beautiful rose-hued manor. In this story, ARABELLA takes you on a tour of La Bella Casa Rosa - a sprawling, light-filled mansion in complete harmony with the lush gardens outside. Embracing open-concept living, the vintage interior is awash with white; dressed with eclectic furnishings and contemporary fixtures. And every room looks out onto paradise.




Artist to Collect: Mickie Acierno, written by Brett Anningson in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA

Classic realism with a contemporary twist. Mickie Acierno takes ordinary things and displays them in the most extraordinary ways. Her paintings interpret the vision she sees in the intricate swirls in a marble. The amazing natural design of a seashell. The warm and cool shades of a rusted lock. The perfect blemish in a fully-ripened pear. Shadows and highlights are this artist's best friends.

MARTA PENTER, The Silence at the Centre, written by Gary Michael Dault in the Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

Immense in scale, highlighted with a significant touch of sapphire blue, Marta Penter's paintings are a testament to her fascination with individuals in a social context. She identifies with her subjects, almost becoming one with them: "Whenever I represent a knitted blouse, it feels as if the brushes are the knitting needles themselves; as if I am knitting the fabric myself, stitch by stitch."

PAUL BALMER, Towers and Textures, written by Gary Michael Dault in the Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

From skyscrapers to still lifes, artist Paul Balmer brings texture and drama to his creations in an unconventional and surprising way. Given the lyrical delicacy of his sweeping cityscapes and the chromatic freshness of his still life paintings, you'd scarcely imagine him lunging at his paintings-in-progress with power tools. With charcoal, pencils, pigment and brushes, certainly - but a drill sander? Read on... it's all true!



LYNDA SCHNEIDER GRANATSTEIN, written by Brett Anningson in the Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

Variety dominates Lynda Schneider Granatstein's creative vocabulary. Her work is a mixed-media collage of torn etchings and collagraph prints, textured coloured paper from around the world, and acrylic, oil and pastel to delineate and develop texture. At 12, she took classes with Group of Seven's Arthur Lismer, and remembers him as "a crazy-wild, disheveled, white-haired, mad professor - yelling: "Draw!! Draw!! Draw!!"

CATHERINE CARBONNEL, Where the Light Comes In, written by Brett Anningson in the Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

It was one of those moments when everything changes, but you don't realize it at the time. Catherine Carbonnel had set up her easel, ready to start painting on a blank white canvas. Then, for some reason, she opted to cover the white with black gesso - something tried before with disappointing results. This time, instead of brushes, she used a spatula... and, voila. Magic!

DEBORAH TILBY, The World through Different Eyes, written by Brett Anningson in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA

BC artist Deborah Tilby admits she is not a formulaic painter. "I tend to feel my way through a painting, not knowing at the outset exactly how I will get where I want to go." While creating, she experiences the full range of emotion from elation to despair and everything in between. Soft neutrals, subtle colour, quiet passion - trademarks of talent straight from the heart.




LAURA HARRIS, Rebel with a Brush, written by Lorie Lee Steiner in the Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

Laura Harris loves when people describe her semi-abstract paintings as "beautifully imperfect." In her own words, "They are drippy, textured, bold, unapologetic, colourful... moving and still at the same time. Large in proportion and emotion, and some of them ask you to come in and stay awhile. They speak of truth and love; about knowing and opening and trusting in all its messy glory."

DIANE HOWARD LANGLOIS, A Polarizing Woman, written by Lorie Lee Steiner in Spring 2016 issue of ARABELLA

At once social scientist and gifted artist, Diane Howard Langlois links historical narratives in her paintings with a contemporary modern bent to document the polar regions and the animals that inhabit them. Annual travels to the far north give her first-hand insight into these "heavenly, spiritual landscapes" and the worrisome effects of climate change. And, yes, Diane has a particular penchant for penguins.

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CRISTOBAL, The Colour of the Land, written by Brett Anningson inARABELLA Spring 2016

Juan Cristobal Pinochet Araya hails from Linares, Chile; the son of prominent art figure Silvia Araya. As a child, Cristobal was influenced by his mother's many friends - painters, sculptors, intellectuals. Home was filled with art, music and conversation. When Silvia visited artists' studios, her children went along. Today, Cristobal has discovered and honed his own identity, as a true master of colour and the brush.

IOSIF DERECICHEI, Making Colour your Best Friend, written by Lorie Lee Steiner, ARABELLA Spring 2016

Born in Transylvania, the dark, brooding setting for Dracula, artist Iosif Derecichei portrays his homeland in a totally different light. Namely, the lively scarlet poppies, golden sunflowers and welcoming blue skies that he remembers from childhood. No depressing shades of grey, here. Iosif's paintings delight the eye with stylized visions of tiny villages nestled in the hills and, everywhere, the vibrant colours of nature.

HADYN BUTLER, Enlightened Portraits written by Hugh Kruzel, ARABELLA Spring 2016

Hadyn Butler's stained glass portrait panels capture light and send it forth in a kaleidoscope of colour. But this expression in glass is no simple feat. He notes, "I have learned how to use elements that are outside, then visualize the amount of, and effects of, refraction and diffusion of this on the glass. Getting it right doesn't always happen just like that."




ANGIE REES, Pun Intended, written by Lorie Lee Steiner in ARABELLA Spring 2016

What do you get when you mix whimsy & wordplay with a soupcon of artful nonsense and a heavy dollop of imagination? "Mary had a Little Ham," of course. Angie Rees uses a clever combo of witty titles and innovative painting techniques to delight the eye and tickle the imagination. As you'll see, this endearing artist embodies the lighter side of art and life.

PETER WYSE, Love Bounces Back, written by Brett Anningson, ARABELLA Spring 2016

Peter Wyse blurs the line between fantasy and reality, between creativity and hard work, between adventure and playfulness, and brings us back to a simpler time. Evoking memories of childhood, the sense of adventure, a reason to smile, Peter invites you to row your boat under the stars - with a bear. Ski among snowmen. And, ultimately, enjoy a jolly good time with his painted 'friends'.

JANET CAMERON, A Totaly Original Endeavour, written by Brett Anningson, ARABELLA Spring 2016

Janet Cameron's creativity knows no bounds. From 'sheep art' to threadwork, it's all about the passion from within. She recalls with a laugh, "One time, I was working on a rug hooking piece that needed the colour I was wearing. So, I took off my pants and cut them off at the knee! You just have to be committed, love what you do and do it."



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